SKY Agile Masterclasses

 The team from Sky share insight into Agile software delivery.

Sky live and breathe Agile and we are passionate about helping businesses pick up and implement a more agile way of working.

Join us at Venturefest Yorkshire where we shall hear from a number of key people who will describe how and where they fit in the software delivery process and their role in delivering high quality software. You will find out about how we work in squads and tribes and agile methodologies we have adapted to work for our team.

We shall start with a quick introduction to Sky in Leeds then walk you through our process, highlighting key tools and techniques we use here that that you could use in your organisation too.

In true technology meet-up style the masterclass will end with networking and the chance to pick our brains about all things Agile and our ways of working.

We will have TWO sessions : 11:00-12:30 and 15:00-16:30

in 'Box A' which is on the FOURTH floor.



Intro - What are Sky doing in Leeds? –  Clive Gilson (Head of Engineering)
How are we organised? - Anthony Hindle (Business Analyst)
How do we…
    Stay aligned? – Paul Armstrong & Gary McAdam (Scrum Master)
    Meet the Product Owner – Gail Parker (Head of Digital Service)
    Know what to build? - Anthony Hindle
    Choose what to test? – Jennifer Winters (Tester)
    Build the software? – Thomas Davidson (Principal Engineer)
    Deliver the software? - Gordon Whamond (Senior Developer)


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17 Nov

Venturefest Yorkshire 2016 was a fantastic day ... with a real BUZZ ...


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28 Oct

Our experts are now confirmed and BOKINGS ARE OPEN


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