WOW - What a BUZZ !

11-bee-buzzing-free-cliparts-transp What a fantastic day !


We had around 1,000 delegates attend, 100+ companies exhibiting, and >60 speakers, experts and investors engaging directly with entrepreneurs and innovators from across Yorkshire.

The day developed a real BUZZ, with interesting and exciting things going on everywhere you turned.

This was like no Venturefest anyone has experienced before.

Most importantly, on stands, at tables, in corners, over coffee, over food and throughout the building, REAL business was getting done ; REAL investors were talking to REAL businesses, and REAL connections were being made.

The excitement was tangible.

We'll bring you more news and views very soon, but for now here's a snip of what our finale show looked like ... feeding the fish


If you missed it, kick yourself now and be sure to come next year.


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17 Nov

Venturefest Yorkshire 2016 was a fantastic day ... with a real BUZZ ...


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28 Oct

Our experts are now confirmed and BOKINGS ARE OPEN


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